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Logo Design

Any kind of business deserves a nice logo. Fresh ideas, impeccable style, minimal or extravagance? Your are in the right place, because we can offer it to you.


Yup! At Computerman we are like a Swish army knife, a multi-tool that offers complete solutions from web to television and graphic design services that couldn't be missing from our knowledge base.

Web Design & Development

We offer custom made web sites of all kinds, web applications made in php, javascript, mysql. E-shops, portals, CMS, integrated Facebook apps, logo designs etc.

All our projects have fundamental SEO built in such as SEF (search engine friendly) URI's, carefully selected keywords and descriptions, submission on a plethora of search engines and catalogs.

TV SPOTS 3D & Motion Graphics

Television productions, 3D animation and motion graphics, at Computerman we have the charisma to see through your vision and fantasy, that said we are able to suggest and deliver exactly what you're asking.

CD-ROM & Multimedia Apps

Interactive multimedia application, online or on CD-ROM? Piece of cake! Our experience on the field of new technologies is the ultimate tool for you, contact us to discuss and we will only offer your our best.

Joomla! Templates

Joomla! What a powerful open source content management system! Millions of sites use Joomla! for their online needs, from simple blogs to powerful on-line services. With a vast community to support it, no wonder why it's the Numero Uno Open Source CMS on the planet. We love Joomla! and not only we offer UNIQUE custom templates, designed from scratch to meet your needs, we also have plans to offer free and commercial templates in low prices for all you Joomlers out there!

Joomla! Extensions

Open Source philosophy means Give & Take. We share this view too that's why we give freely some of our extensions back to the Joomla! community, such as CM Program Scheduler component or CM Tipsters module and we will continue to provide free or commercial components, modules and plugins in the future. But Joomla! doesn't have all the solutions, in that case we can develop UNIQUE custom components, modules and plugins for your needs and your needs only.

Oh, boooring! Skip the yada yada and go to...



We are constantly seeking to expand our services and find more customers.

Are you interested in becoming one of our Affiliates?

We are looking for individuals that:

+ Like public relations
+ Surf Online alot and like technology
+ Speak English or Greek fluently
+ Can complete the task at hand

We offer up to 20%* of the sales on every new client to potential affiliates, plus an additional 5% Goal Bonus if you manage to deliver 4 clients in a single month.

So if you are interested, drop us a line at: affiliates@computerman.gr

We are blogin' about...

Project Codename: DIE!

Yeah we baffle with this project a couple of years now, but wat can we say? It’s massive! It’s a game where members can battle other members for theoriticaly everything and guess what ? It’s almost done! So stay tuned and keep an eye on Computerman cause we might give away some beta invitations soon ;)

A Facebook Page is NOT a Website.

Facebook is a web service and as such it  offers a number of options to it’s members, one of them is the choise to create a Facebook Page for business, products, brands etc. While it’s a useful  feature - no doubt - still, it’s not a web site, it doesn’t have it’s own Domain name, and it has minimal impact on search engines. So if you are serious about the Web you have to be able to understand the differences between such services and the real thing.

That said, one thing is certain, a stand alone website - which by the way - is fully customizable to your needs combined with a Facebook Page can significantly increase traffic on your standalone site

Pet Project: VeedCast.com

Veedcast began when Athanasios Theodorou (Computerman’s Web Developer) was experimenting with the Youtube API.

Then Charilaos Tilaveridis (Computerman’s Web Designer) made the design and Voila! Veedcast!

But What is VeedCast Anyway?

In a nutshell:

With Veedcast you can watch a YouTube video in Sync (synchronized) with other people, simply by creating a new Veedcast Channel and sharing the unique Channel Link with your friends. You'll become the "Host" and your friends will become the "Viewers".

As a host you'll be able to control the video playback (start, stop, pause, seek and suggested quality) and the video of your choosing, therefore your "viewers" will be watching in sync what ever you give them and comment on it.

Stay tuned as we might add new features to this service soon.

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Would you like to know us better ? A more personal aspect of our creative lives.


Charilaos Tilaveridis

Web Designer

My name is Charilaos Tilaveridis i am 27 vears new and i live in Kastoria, Greece Macedonia.


I am married with my Computer and we have a couple hundreds of kids (projects) :-)


I studied Multimedia Specialist at IEK DELTA in Thessaloniki.


My first pc was a Commodore 64! I love designing stuff, make concepts, do 3d animation and motion graphics.


I like making music & funny stuff in my free time like telling jokes on cam, make sure to check those out.

Find me on: Twitter Facebook Linkedin Youtube

.ATTENTION! Corporate Secrets ahead.

And now we are about to disclose to the public, the TOP SECRET FORMULA of what makes us tick.


Athanasios Theodorou

Web Developer

My name is Athanasios Theodorou, I'm from Greece.


I'm a science and technology enthusiast and I've been around computers since 1996. I've studied 3D Modeling and Animation on AKTO art & design in Thessaloniki, Greece, but as soon as I discovered Web Development it became my love and passion.


I'm a self-taught PHP scripter with over 4 years of experience with the PHP scripting language. I'm also really good with the PHP frameworks, Joomla and CodeIgniter, and I have a few projects under my belt. I know my way around Javascript, writing pure javascript and working also with jQuery and Mootools.


Find me on: Twitter Facebook Linkedin Youtube

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