Aerial Cinematography Services

The constant evolution of technology in UAV’s (Drones) leveled up the aerial photography and cinematography. An Aerial Videography session in the past cost a small fortune. Nowadays with UAV’s (Drones)

Computerman offers air filming services using unmanned aircraft (UAV DRONES) the most modern and secure means and all the latest aerial equipment.

What sets us apart from the competition is the quality of the video productions we deliver and that’s because we have years of experience in image processing and video editing. All our projects go through an extensive color processing (color grading) process so that the final video we deliver to our customers have a cinematic look.

Aerial Cinematography - Main Video Trailer

Aerial Cinematography - Kastoria from Above

Aerial Cinematography - Loggas Hotel

Aerial Cinematography - Teaser Trailer


Extra Services:
Video ClipPhoto RetouchingVoice OverGround ShotsInterior Exterior PhotographyInteractive 360 Photogaphy3D Animation & Motion Graphics